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SOCAFNA Group : Specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables refrigerated transport and logistics

Nowadays, the SOCAFNA group is positioned, as one of the major French actors in the field of specialized services intended for distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our organization

Our strengths

  • Our central position at the core of the fruits and vegetables chain of value, at intermediate level between the producers (cooperatives or similar entities) and the distributors (supermarkets and hypermarkets /Wholesalers/specialists)
  • Our service, which guarantees to the customers distributors a highly reliable fruit and vegetables supply (delays/quality) despite a demanding context (perishable foodstuffs to be transported under constraint of temperature, schedule etc.) and unpredictable clients’ requests.
  • Both faithful and historical customers
  • Strong flexibility/reactivity (12 to 18 h between the order registration and the delivery)
  • A tight network covering all the territory in order to meet at best the expectations of our national customers
  • A relationship of trust with the producers
  • A group tuned to its employees
  • Experienced bundling teams, that respect their commitments
  • The quest for clients’ satisfaction is printed in the DNA of the Group

A strategic geographic positioning

The head office of the Group is based in the Marché Saint-Charles in Perpignan, a European crossroads for the flows of fruits and vegetables, especially from Spain (namely Europe’s breadbasket) and from Morocco.

SOCAFNA Group in figures

  • More than 300 departures a day
  • More than 300 motor vehicles
  • More than 40 000 000 km travelled a year
  • More than 1 500 000 tons of goods transported a year
  • More than 40 000 m2 storage areas
  • More than 800 staff members
  • Less than 71 gCO²/ (Carbon footprint)