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Fortified by the values it defends every day, SOCAFNA is nowadays one the market leaders in the fresh Fruit and Vegetables Transport field


SOCAFNA owes its reputation to a well thought-out organization based both on its numerous platforms spread throughout France and on a own fleet of recent vehicles. Its ideal logistics network easily answers both the seasonal fluctuations and the customers’ delivery imperatives.


To be reactive means also to listen to the customers’ requests and to be involved in a continuous improvement process, in order to guarantee a more efficient and more customized service.


All our vehicles are equipped with DAS system (driver alert system), LCS (track change assistance system) and EBS (braking system).

  • Internal vehicle maintenance in our own garage
  • The trucks are two years old on average
  • Specific maintenance contracts with the truck manufacturers


SOCAFNA strives to be at the forefront of technology:

  • 100% of our vehicles are equipped with embedded computing
  • Semi-trailers are equipped with temperature recorders in order to maintain a constant cold during the transport
  • Delivery vouchers are scanned to be put on-line
  • More than 160 cameras cover our platform and ensure the goods’ safety and follow-up
  • Data transmission by electronic data interchange. / customers’ orders
  • All our vehicles enjoy Euro VI Technology
  • Shippers data entry gate
  • Traceability of the logistical activity


  • Obtention of the CO² label in 2017
  • IFS certification in progress
  • We are committed to mobilize all the necessary means to ensure the deliveries